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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PedalPal?

PedalPal is an online service for automatically managing challenges with other Peloton riders.

A challenge is a common goal over a fixed time. For example, the challenge might be to reach 10000Kj of output one month. Or it might be to burn 10000 calories in a month. Or it can even be to ride 5000 miles in a year. When you create a challenge, you pick the parameters. Just be aware that after a challenge has started the goal cannot be changed.

Yes! Anyone with a Peloton login can create or join a challenge.

PedalPal fully supports app and digital users. Just keep in mind we are limited in the data that Peloton collects for these workouts. Most noticeably, output and distance are reported as zero for digital workouts, which is what PedalPal will see when it calculates the leaderboard standings.

That said, app/digital users can still create and join any challenge. Just be aware that challenges based on output or distance will show as zero progress; all other challenge types should work normally.

One final note: if you're a bike or tread owner who occasionally uses the digital app, then feel free to switch back and forth. PedalPal will examine all of your workouts and grab whatever data is available for each one when it calculates the leaderboard.

Challenges can be public or private. Public challenges can be discovered and joined by anyone, while private challenges are invite only.

After you join a challenge, it can take 1-2 hours to calculate your initial progress and place on the leaderboard. Until then, it will show zero.

Yes, after joining you will be see a Leave button. Clicking this will remove you from the challenge and its leaderboard. You can always re-join later and your progress will be restored with the next update (usually 1-2 hours).

All you have to do is login to PedalPal with your normal Peloton username and password (the same one you use to login to their site, the app, bike, etc). Then find a challenge to join, create your own, or ask for an invite from someone who already started one.

After you join a challenge, go ride your bike or tread like normal. Every time you finish a workout, we'll tally up the metrics and update the leaderboard. At anytime just check back in and you can see the near real-time standings for everyone participating in that challenge.

Some features are always free and don't require a login, such as the workout search. Other features, such as participating in challenges and viewing workout metrics, require a paid subscription. New users gets 30 days free, no credit card required. Simply login with your Peloton credentials to begin your 30 day trial.

Head to head challenges are between 2 riders. The winner is determined by the 3 categories of calories, distance, and output.

You can challenge anyone to a head to head by:

  • Find a Peloton workout from the search, recent workouts, or account page.
  • Enter your opponent leaderboard name, as well as start and end dates.
  • Your opponent will be notified the next time they login, but you can also send them the link.
  • Your opponent must accept or decline the challenge. If they decline, no further action is required. If they accept, you both have until the end date to complete the specific Peloton workout.
  • Once both competitors have finished the ride, stats will be displayed and a winner declared.

Feel free to email us at [email protected] with any questions or issues. You can also visit our Trello Board to suggest or vote on new ideas.

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