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24 Oct

Managers Can Now Hide Leaderboards

Michael Pratt
Today we've released a new feature: managers can now hide leaderboards! The idea is that when a challenge is nearing the end and teams or riders are really close in points. managers can now hide the results until after the completion of the challenge. This is a requested feature for challenges ...
1 Sep

Upcoming Changes to PedalPal

Michael Pratt
tl;dr PedalPal will revert back to being a paid subscription service starting October 1, 2021. Keep reading for all the details, especially if you had a membership prior to April 2020. Back in April 2020, we made the decision the take down all the paywalls of our service. Lots of digital content ...
21 May

New Feature: Team Challenges

Michael Pratt
Today we're excited to announce a new feature: team challenges! Starting today, when you create a new challenge, you can elect to make it a team challenge. With this type of challenge, groups of riders can compete together against other teams. With team challenges, the leaderboard is sorted by team ...
5 Mar

Update to Weighted Challenges

Michael Pratt
Earlier today we were made aware of an error in our calculations for weighted challenges. Rides were being tabulated multiple times, causing total scores to be over inflated. We have deployed a fix and leaderboards should be updating for all challenges shortly. As always, feel free to reach out if ...
1 Dec

2021 Yearly Challenge Now Live

Michael Pratt
Although we still have a few weeks left in 2020, it's never too early to start thinking about 2021 goals! The official 2021 in 2021 challenge is available here: Same rules as always: log 2,021 miles on any combination of bike or tread. Make ...
6 May

Congrats to our April Sweat and Swag Winner

Michael Pratt
Congratulations to rider PedalingGenomes, who was the lucky winner of the April Sweat and Swag challenge! They are the proud owner a $25 Peloton boutique gift card for their hard work. With a goal of 25 rides for the month, we had 9 riders smash that goal! Our top rider was DPTforLife, who managed ...
29 Apr

List of all Peloton Live Rides

Michael Pratt
We hope you've been loving all the new Live From Home peloton rides as much as we have! To make it easier to find them all we've created a list: You can also access this link from the main menu bar under Workouts. Happy riding and ...
29 Apr

PedalPal Free Through June 1

Michael Pratt
Back in March, we announced that PedalPal would be free to use through May 1. At the time, as the COVID-19 pandemic was growing around the world, we felt it was important to offer our site for free because we knew more people would be hunkering down and staying inside. Nearly 6 weeks later, as we ...
18 Apr

Introducing Group Rides

Michael Pratt
Today we're excited to announce the addition of a new feature to PedalPal: Group Rides! The idea behind a group ride is like a Peloton Swarm. You pick a specific workout and create a group ride for it. Just like a normal challenge, you can choose a start and end date and whether or not it's public. ...
7 Apr

New Name, Same Great Features!

Michael Pratt
You may have noticed a few changes around here. Most notably, we have changed our name. As of today, we will be using the name PedalPal. Nothing else about your experience will change: you can still challenge friends and family to custom challenges, challenge your buddies to head-to-head ...
29 Mar

April 2020 Sweat and Swag Now Live

Michael Pratt
We're happy to be hosting our second Sweat and Swag challenge of 2020! For the month of April, complete 25 eligible workouts on bike, tread, or digital and you could win a $25 gift card to the Peloton boutique. Official rules and details can be found here: ...
17 Mar

PedalPal free until May 1

Michael Pratt
With the ongoing concerns over COVID-19 and lots of people going into quarantine, we've decided to make all the paid features of PeloChallenge free until May 1. We know a lot of people will be turning to their Peloton bikes and treads during this time, so we wanted to provide another way for ...
16 Mar

Introducing Head to Head Challenges

Michael Pratt
We're excited to announce the launch of a new feature today: head to head challenges! This is a new challenge type that you won't find anywhere else. Instead of competing against a group of riders for a specific goal, a head to head to challenge is just you and one opponent in a single ride. The ...
3 Mar

Congrats to our February Sweat And Swag Winner

Michael Pratt
Our first Sweat and Swag challenge is in the books! The goal for February was to burn 5000 calories, and we had 10 riders and runners meet the goal! Without further ado, the winner of the gift card is: SassyInColorado! We'll be reaching out directly to coordinate delivery of the prize, and congrats ...
26 Feb

Advanced workout metrics are here!

Michael Pratt
Today we're excited to announce a brand new feature on PeloChallenge: advanced workout metrics! If you're a data junky, you're going to love the new charts and data we've added to your workouts! You can now see charts for cadence, speed, resistance, and much more. And yes, we even have power zone ...
17 Jan

First ever Sweat and Swag challenge!

Michael Pratt
We're excited to announce our first ever Sweat and Swag Challenge! These are public challenges that anyone can join, and all participants who achieve the goal will be entered into a drawing for a prize! For our first Sweat and Swag Challenge, all you have to do is burn 5000 calories on the bike or ...
5 Jan

Looking for Success Stories

Michael Pratt
Do you have a great story to share? Has the Peloton helped change your life in a positive way? If so, we want to hear from you! We love hearing about all the ways that Peloton has changed people. From helping to lose weight, meet a fitness goal, or get through a tough time period in your life...the ...
4 Jan

Issues with ride sync

Michael Pratt
Peloton is currently experiencing technical issues, which means PeloChallenge is unable to obtain ride data. Once they resume normal operations, PeloChallenge will pickup where it left off. Please see their status web page for more information: ...
1 Jan

Happy New Year!

Michael Pratt
Happy New Year! There are lots of new challenges kicking off today so we hope you're all feeling rejuvenated and ready to attack (remember, sweat and hydration are great hangover cures). We did also push out a few updates and fixed we wanted to share. These should hopefully address some of the ...
30 Dec

Signup for 2020 in 2020

Michael Pratt
As we wrap up 2019, a big shout out to HooverCraft for winning the 2019 in 2019 challenge! With just a couple of days left, Alex has a pretty solid 1,400 mile lead! Way to go Alex! As we prepare for 2020, we invite you all to join us for the 2020 in 2020 challenge. Any ride or run counts, and it's ...
27 Dec

Welcome to the new PeloChallenge!

Michael Pratt
Happy holidays and welcome to the new PeloChallenge! We're closing in on our one year birthday, and want to say thank you to everyone who has supported us! To help celebrate this milestone and the new year, we've released a fresh new user interface for 2020! In fact, it's more than just a new ...

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