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Looking for Success Stories

Posted by Michael Pratt on 1/5/20, 4:48 PM

Do you have a great story to share? Has the Peloton helped change your life in a positive way? If so, we want to hear from you!

We love hearing about all the ways that Peloton has changed people. From helping to lose weight, meet a fitness goal, or get through a tough time period in your life...the power of Peloton is undeniable. We are looking for the best of the best stories to share on PeloChallenge so we can help inspire others on their own journey.

In exchange for sharing your story with us, we'll give a free 1 year membership to PeloChallenge if we publish your story. You'll also get a featured article dedicated to your story that you can share, and we'll include links to your social media and/or blog to help grow your following.

If you have a great story to share, click this link and tell us about it!

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