News Managers Can Now Hide Leaderboards

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Managers Can Now Hide Leaderboards

Posted by Michael Pratt on 10/24/21, 4:09 PM

Today we've released a new feature: managers can now hide leaderboards! The idea is that when a challenge is nearing the end and teams or riders are really close in points. managers can now hide the results until after the completion of the challenge. This is a requested feature for challenges where prizes or wards are given out to winners, and managers need some time after the challenge ends while not revealing the final results.

Here's a high level view of how hiding a leaderboard works:

  • Managers click a button to start hiding the leaderboard
  • While a leaderboard is hidden, all rides and workouts will accumulate normally and the leaderboard will still update behind the scenes
  • Managers can still view leaderboards when they are hidden, but all other riders or teams will see a message in place of the normal leaderboard
  • There is no limit to how many times a manager can hide or unhide the leaderboard
  • There is also no time limit to how long a leaderboard can stay hidden
  • Once a manager is ready to reveal the leaderboard again, it's as simple as the click of a button

We hope you enjoy this new feature, and as always any feedback or suggestions for new features are always welcome. Happy riding!

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